“The Search for Weird”

March 3, 2009hiatus
Negotiations between the Hand Guild and the producers of nothing comes naturally (which were rumored to include the use of adolescent weirdo stealthy reptiles as strikebreakers) eventually concluded with a second tentative agreement in February 2009. By this point, nothing comes naturally had become a cult hit in some corners of the world, spread by the use of a new tool which some call “the Internet”. Unfortunately, the producers had hit on bad times since the strike: the economic downturn had forced both Moment and Cube into seclusion and economic hardship. (This later resulted in on-air telethons in the middle of nothing comes naturally – a lean production made even leaner as a result of the dual crises.)

The new season, after some argument, was numbered as “Season 3.” Previously rumored seasons have been renumbered as a result of the strike. The current future of nothing comes naturally is still unclear as of this writing.