“Like Sandblasting a Soup Cracker”
January 25, 2008October 6, 2008
On January 11, 2008, after a first season that rivaled the Sopranos for length of time involved, it was announced that a second season of nothing comes naturally would be commissioned, which would look remarkably like the first season, except with more explosions. It was at this time that the name for the season was revealed, to much puzzlement. (“It demonstrates our committment to more explosions.” -Cube) A date was not set at that time, though, only that it was “soon.”

Soon turned out to be January 25th, 2008.

Season 2 was praised early on for its coherence, relatively straightforward plotline, and attention to the little details of the workings of InterCity, the hometown of nothing comes naturally. This caused no end of trouble for the producers, as all of this went completely against their founding credo. The main focus of Season 2 was the loss of Cerine’s weirdness and the consequences thereof, including trying to define how exactly it is that one can a) lose weirdness and b) get it back. It included a rather intricate detour showing the origins of the Shiny Gang that was well-received as an accurate portrayal of the Shiny subculture.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck when the Producer’s Hand Guild, in negotiations for better pay, started a series of work slowdowns which led to a temporary agreement that soon fell apart and led to a painful strike by the Hand Guild just as nothing comes naturally was reaching the pinnacle of its coherence to date. (And, in fact, the strike occurred in the middle of the filming of the episode “one meep over the cuckoo’s nest”, leaving the production crew with a Shada-like dilemma of what to do with the missing episode – eventually resolved by airing the exact amount of footage available for production and leaving the rest as a “cliffhanger”.)