“Two Furs and a Warehouse”
June 6, 2006January 21, 2008
The initial season brought together Fred and Cerine as a pair of best friends working on establishing a life for themselves. Unfortunately for them, things (in front of and behind the scenes) got out of hand rather quickly.

It was hailed as “pure comic genius” (by the one resident of the Yukon who saw a random episode). In truth, a lot of turmoil behind the scenes made season 1 look more than a bit haphazard on screen, with an entire full-length version of “West Side Story” attempted very early on with a budget slightly larger than that for a good meal at a Chinese restaurant. Turnover in both budget and production team resulted in some very odd things making it into production, including several mistakes[1] that ended up becoming canon.

The continuation of season 1 was ordered in January 2007 after a good Nielsen report. (Leslie thought it was his brand of humor.) While the episodes did not always come together in time, the story has settled down to telling the life and times of Fred the straight rabbit and Cerine the chaotic skunk, even going so far as to devote more than half a year’s episodes to the pursuit of getting groceries, telling us more about their characters along the way. And it was just when they finished getting the groceries that a desperate cliffhanger was hatched to attempt to leave the audience in suspense.