Main Cast

Character Actor/Actress Appearance Bio/description
Cerine Skunk Cerine A. Mephit An absolutely breathtaking, stunning, once-in-a-lifetime skunk A skunk biochemist/mad scientist/diva/dilettante who has taken a few too many of her own concoctions. The troublemaker of the group, there are very few things that she thinks couldn’t be made better by her getting completely involved in them. She has been portrayed in nothing comes naturally as the Chaosbringer, but nothing she does ever seems to matter, and she seemingly remains completely unaware…
Fred Rabbit Robert J. Snow A wired bunny A cynical snowshoe hare, loyal to his friends but not above making snarky comments about them. A computer and electronics geek, Fred has an inventive, creative mind – which is often put to use in finding ways of making coffee. Fred is also the most likely to be able to save the crew when the chips are down. Fred’s relationship with Cerine seems to lie somewhere between “observer” and “friend”, although slash fanfiction says otherwise.
Corasyn Nicholas Diwij A small weasel It is a nondescript magenta weasel from an advanced civilization posing as a psychoanalyst. It is difficult for it to assimilate to local culture or its residents. Its exact intentions are unclear, although ruling the world does seem to be useful. Its speech patterns are strange, but somehow persuasive. It is pleasurable to ignore the weasel.

Supporting Cast

Character Actor/Actress Appearance Bio/description
The Chicken Cho Takahashi A giant chicken A mysterious giant chicken that has an amazing, almost supernatural sense of timing. Unfortunate that he only squawks. Cube has mentioned that the Chicken was meant to have a much greater role in nothing comes naturally, but he hasn’t been seen much in several episodes.
Maria diNova Pat Meloier Originally (and likely still) a member of the androgynous Shinies gang, Maria is street-smart and doesn’t take guff from anyone. We think.
Male Shiny Ron Alyn Best known in the series for not actually having a name. Remarkably, the producers have suggested that he may never have one.
Dos Chansons Arnold Tolbin In Season 2, Dos has been revealed as an administrator for a city agency dealing in weird events. He seems to have sinister intentions toward the crew…
The Minions (CGI) Created by Cerine as (another) method to demonstrate her greatness, the mini-skunk minions are known to a) only say ‘meep’, and b) seemingly have more endurance than the rest of the characters of nothing comes naturally combined.

Production Staff
nothing comes naturally has been at the forefront of innovative comedy by not only putting its creative staff and crew before the camera, but also putting them in front of the camera performing their creative roles – thus thoroughly confusing anyone who doesn’t know who these people are or what they’re doing in the middle of the show.

Moment Rabbit
The arteest/director/secondary writer for nothing comes naturally. At least in the program itself, he has been shown working long hours or, alternately, completely spazzing out over missed deadlines and faulty comics. How far this is from reality is unclear.

Cube Otter
The “Head Writer” of nothing comes naturally. Generally portrayed as being down-to-earth, Californian, and/or quite bewildered. (He also seems to have a love of geometry and shiny objects, portrayed at one point as wearing a set of Necker cube-bedecked latex pyjamas.) Rumors suggest that his job is a sinecure on a television station where actors mostly ad lib their lines anyway.

Electric Keet
As the colourist for nothing comes naturally. she strives to make each actor and set look their best with digital effects, meaning close contact with all of the above. Theories abound that this causes her to have only the loosest grip on reality; to this she responds, “I’m a Program, but I fight for the Users and to make this a free system again.”

All your ‘leet Keet needs meet at

Foodcrime and advanced tactical psyche-support, Th’Buni keeps nothing coming naturally.

Some of her works may be seen at A Nail From Which to Hang the Heavens.